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I am Haki.I do illustrations, vocal impressions, play guitar, sing and translate songs into Japanese.This page is mainly for my illustration making, but thank you for visiting my site.ABOUT COMMISSIONSPlease check Commission tab below if I'm accepting commissions at the time and check my art samples, rates and terms of service below before commissioning. Thank you!

Art Samples

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Terms of Service

Effective Date: August 5, 2022Commissions might take longer depending on factors such as health, family, school, and other reasons.Payment
• Payment FIRST before any work is done.
• Can also pay 50% upfront and 50% after the sketch is approved (In case of sketches, before the file is sent to client).
• Paypal Fees are shouldered by buyer.
• Additional charges may apply.
General Terms
• Only 1 slot per person.
• No to rush.
• I can decline any commission at my own discretion.
• Please maintain good communication and keep our relationship professional.
• Only 2 free major revisions and will be only taken into account at sketch phase/ lineart + base color.
• No refunds once I started the commission.
• Filing chargebacks, consensual refunds, and others of the like are NOT allowed.
• If I absolutely am unable to finish a commission, 100% of the payment will be refunded back to you.
Commercial Use
• Commissioned artworks are for personal use only.
• + 50% of the original price for commercial use.
Paypal Fee Calculator (Check your paypal fees here)Terms are subject to change.Check art samples here
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Commission Status: OPEN (2/3 SLOTS)

Boy/ Girl, Fanart, ChibiRealistic/ Semi Realistic Style, Real People, Mecha, Gore/Horror, Furry, NSFW, Complicated Poses/ Perspectives, Backgrounds, NFT’s

My Rates:

SketchLineartFlat ColorSimple ShadedFull Shaded
Headshot2$ / ₱1003$ / ₱1504$ / ₱2006$ / ₱3008$ / ₱400
Bust Up3$ / ₱1504$ / ₱2005$ / ₱2507$ / ₱3509$ / ₱450
Half Body4$ / ₱2005$ / ₱2506$ / ₱3008$ / ₱40010$ / ₱500
Full Body5$ / ₱2506$ / ₱3007$ / ₱3509$ / ₱45012$ / ₱600

• Price is per character only. +50% of original price for additional characters. Max 2 persons.
• Turnaround time: 1-3 weeks.
• Mode of Payment: Paypal Invoice. All prices are in USD.
• Prices shown below are for NON-COMMERCIAL use only. Additional fees apply otherwise.
BY COMMISSIONING ME YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF SERVICEPlease send me an email if you'd like to book a commission here:

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